Body Treatment

(Using organic oil /  cream)

Organic Full Body Scrub with Table Shower                    $55

Herbal Cellulite Body Wrap                                              $100

        * This is an extremely active treatment which can heighten blood circulation
           and a herbal Cellulite Treatment

Organic Slimming Body Wrap                                          $100

        * This treatment is great for clients that want a tightening effect without the post-treatment redness

Detoxing Breakout Back Treatment                                  $95

        * This treatment is good for back breakout and acne skin

Cupping Therapy                                                              $40

        * Cupping Therapy is good for Headaches and Migraines,Back Pain,Anxiety,Sports Injuries
         and Rheumatism by sucking the skin and blood,other healing mechanisms of the body
         flow into the sucking area to promote healing

Massage Therapy (60/90 mins)                                        $60/$85

Hot Stone Massage (60/90 mins)                                     $80/$110

Body Scrub Massage (60/90 mins)                                   $80/$110